The McCarton Center for Developmental Pediatrics is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental disabilities and special needs. The center offers a unique integrated approach for children with developmental disorders.

The McCarton Center was founded in 1998 by Cecelia McCarton, M.D., a leading expert in developmental pediatrics and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Based on its Integrated Model, the McCarton Center provides not only assessment and diagnoses, but also an individual plan for each child. This may combine a variety of therapies including aspects of speech and language therapy, fine and gross motor therapy, sensory integration therapy, socialization with peers, developmental play skills and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

The McCarton Center is a bright, cheerful 8,000 square foot facility consisting of a large waiting room/play area, four speech/language therapy rooms, two developmental assessment rooms, a large therapeutic gym for fine/gross motor skills and sensory integration work and an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment Center.

Each therapy and assessment room is equipped with an observation room with a one-way mirror for parents to view the session. Each room has videotaping capacity so that a session can be reviewed at a later date.