The McCarton Center provides a caring, comprehensive, integrated approach to assessing and treating children with developmental disorders. Most therapy sessions are one on one to provide the greatest benefit to these children.

Based on the best available teaching techniques, our integrated intervention model combines aspects of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and other therapies, as needed. A multidisciplinary approach is utilized because a child’s disability often affects multiple developmental areas.

Our goal is for each child to have effective therapeutic sessions and achieve skills. Our therapists remain flexible and will integrate different modalities and approaches to achieve this end.

Parents are also valuable team members. We encourage them to make use of the observation rooms where they can see a child’s session through a one-way mirror. At the conclusion of a session, therapists will often review some segment of the session with the parents so they can generalize it to the home or the community setting